Enabling 'Artificial Intelligence' in Healthcare

Enabling 'Artificial Intelligence' in Healthcare

Enabling 'Artificial Intelligence' in HealthcareEnabling 'Artificial Intelligence' in HealthcareEnabling 'Artificial Intelligence' in Healthcare

Machine Learning, NLP, Computer Vision, Robotics 


Medi-AI is an innovative global company engaged with organizations and healthcare providers in formulating artificial intelligence strategies and applications relating to clinical decision support, medical imaging analysis and virtual health assistance. We draw upon our knowledge of cutting edge AI techniques including deep learning, NLP, computer vision and expert systems, our knowledge of health systems and policies, and our extensive network of AI developers to establish solutions for our clients. Our team of data scientists and clinicians ensure customized strategies and solutions are devised in a timely and cost-efficient manner. We are not tied to any AI product, so you can be assured of independent and objective advice.

In addition to our consultancy and product development, we also run the first ever marketplace for medical artificial intelligence products and deliver online courses and onsite workshops about application of artificial intelligence in healthcare. Please follow the menu options in the top to reach these sites.

What Do We Help With?

AI-Enterprise and Policy Strategies


Strategies and policies to support implementation of AI at the enterprise or organisation level

Local Solutions


Local solutions including medical imaging, clinical decision support, NLP and chatbot triaging solutions

Independent Evaluation


We undertake independent evaluation and objective assessment of AI products that you may be considering for your health service

Why Us?



We offer strategies and customized solutions rather than sell you products.

AI Technology


We are adept in the latest machine learning and deep learning techniques



We are qualified professionals with medical, data science and research background coupled with several years of business and management experience