"We believe in connecting with you at a deeper level, working with you together, and delivering a customised and valuable solution to build a high value, meaningful and long-lasting relationship"

    Our values

    Globally recognised AI healthcare experts and innovators believing in value-creation.
    No one does this better than us! We create meaningful partnerships to optimise outcomes.
    The oxygen that powers and drives us. We live to optimise healthcare through AI.

    Our people

    Dr. Sandeep Reddy

    Founder and Chairman

    Sandeep has a medical and healthcare management background and has been recognised as a Certified Health Informatician, World Health Organization nominated Digital Health Expert, Fellow with the Australasian Institute of Digital Health, and as a Certified Health Executive. He also has an MBA certification from the London School of Economics, a Masters in Management from New Zealand, a Master of Science from University College London, and a PhD in Data Analytics from Australia.

    Further to these qualifications, he has undertaken training in machine learning and programming from several sources and has established several forums to promote the appropriate use of AI in healthcare. He has a zeal and passion for translational medicine specifically the use of smart technology in healthcare. He foresees an increasing use of AI in health service delivery and is keen for Medi-AI to be involved in this movement.

    Nataraj Chandrasekaran

    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

    Nataraj, with his strong penchant for management and operations, oversees Medi-AI’s operational matters and executes strategies. He is an experienced Management Consultant and Technology Professional with over 25 years of experience with high-value transformation projects for global clients.

    His work in the past involved leading consulting and technology firms, including Accenture, KPMG, IBM, HP and NCS. He provides advisory services on Artificial Intelligence to various clients and start-ups globally. He has a Master of Technology degree in Knowledge Engineering from the National University of Singapore.

    Rajeshwar Reddy

    Co-Founder and Principal Technical Advisor

    Rajeshwar has MicroMasters in Statistics and Data Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA & Post Graduation in Data Science from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati,India, Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Technology at Kavikulguru Institute of Technology and Science,Nagpur University,India and Computer Engineering Diploma from S.N.M Polytechnic Khammam,India.

    He has over 17.5 years’ experience in Data Science, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. In the past he worked for multiple Indian, Australian and US clients in Healthcare Projects. He specializes in Classification, Anomaly Detection, and Prediction. His skill sets include Data Extract, Transform and loading, Talend for Bigdata, IBM Cognos Tools, TM1, Python, Machine Learning/Deep Learning, AWS SageMaker, Machine Learning on AWS, Tensorflow and Hadoop tools set Spark/Scala, Pyspark, Hive, and Kafka.

    Dr. Jeetendra Mathur

    Co-Founder and Project Manager  

    Jeetendra has a bachelor’s degree in medicine, a post-graduate degree in MBA (Healthcare Management) from Deakin University, Australia, and Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Practice from the Chartered Management Institute, UK. His 10 years of working experience in the healthcare industry involves working in various medical specialties, including emergency medicine and burns/plastic surgery at large public and corporate hospitals in both India and the Maldives. He is passionate about making healthcare better and safer with a focus on digital health and artificial intelligence.

    Ravi Kiran Bhaskar 

    Technical Advisor  

    Ravi Kiran Bhaskar, a software professional with over 20 years of experience, has an M.S in Electrical Engineering from George Mason University, USA and B.E in Electronic Engineering from Nagpur University, India. His career spanned across multiple disciplines ranging from Satellite Communications, Mobile Networking, Security, Web Development, Web Services, System Administration, Search Engineering and Supervised/Unsupervised learning.

    He specializes in Natural Language Processing, Search Technologies and Algorithm Development and is passionate about disruptive technologies in the fields of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and High-performance Computing.

    Dr. Dwarikanath Mahapatra

    Technical Advisor (Medical Imaging Analysis)

    Dwarikanath Mahapatra has Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from NIT Rourkela and obtained his Ph.D. from NUS Singapore in the field of medical image analysis. He also worked as a post-doctoral research fellow at ETH Zurich and as a Research Scientist at IBM Research Melbourne. His interests are in applying AI and deep learning to challenging problems in computer vision and medical image analysis such as explainable AI, disease detection, classification, segmentation, image registration and synthetic image generation. He has expertise in multiple medical image analysis domains such as Digital Histopathology, Retinal Fundus and OCT, Chest Xray, and Cardiac MRI.

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