Our customised courses and workshops on AI in healthcare through our subsidiary, AI Health Guru, are uniquely designed through extensive research and consider the required skill set to use AI in healthcare settings appropriately and efficiently.

    This era of AI reforming healthcare requires that our current and emerging healthcare professionals stay abreast and trained in AI innovations. Especially as they make healthcare delivery safe, precise, and cost-effective. AI Health Guru’s courses and workshop enable healthcare professionals to develop competencies and skills needed to bring ground-breaking innovation, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

    Our journey so far..AI Health Guru has successfully delivered workshops in Australia, Dubai, India, Singapore, and Hawaii. With an average audience of 100 during workshops, AI Health Guru has made a positive impact and gathered substantial experience in the field of AI education in healthcare.  Together with our university partners globally, AI Health Guru is developing an ‘AI in Healthcare’ educational course.